Meet Witchy Fm

Why Witchy FM? It’s a place to manifest our dreams…

Witchy FM is a multimedia platform for All Things Witchy… but it’s much more than that. It’s a place for positivity and to manifest your dreams.

I love creating content – blogs, garden vlogs, podcasts, videos, radio shows. And, I also love talking about aromatherapy, wellness, holistic health, crystals, gardening, and positivity. And the more I talked about it, the more I noticed how many others loved to talk about it too.

A community of like minded individuals whose paths crossed. A tribe of wonderful strong, intelligent women. Those who embraced their femininity and their life like a savage. Who loved dirt under their fingernails or to dance on the beach. Whether they called themselves one or not, I found my witches.

  • Not your traditional witch. But those people who carry a crystal to aid in their journey. Who put intention into their recipes to make a special dinner. Who wish upon stars and hope their dream comes true.
  • But there are plenty of traditional witches in the mix too…. those who’ve come out of the broom closet or have been brought up in a magical world.

And so begins an adventure into “All Things Witchy”

This is a platform for varied multimedia content, including:

  • Witchy Podcasts
  • Kitchen Witchery recipes and the Kitchen Witch Challenge
  • Wellness
  • Blogs
  • Witchy Business
  • Manifestation and Positivity

So today, Halloween 2020 we dance on the beach to celebrate. We let go of the negativity of the past and awaken with new positivity.

Let the dance begin…

Published by Luna Lisa

Luna Lisa is a podcaster, Witch Dance Coordinator, and "Supreme Witch". Lisa Z Creative featuring Podcasts, Witch Dance Activities, Garden Vlogs, Retro Music Shows, and Interviews with the Community.

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