You think you fly solo, then you find your tribe…

A Solitary Witch’s Reflection on Witchy Weekend October 1-3, 2021

Being Witchy is really a solitary thing for most of us. We’ve always felt it. We’ve always been it. We have the best decorations for Halloween (year round). We know the herb or oil needed to help an ailment, and find ourselves at the beach staring at the full moon. We have a few friends who buy us cool crystals, but equally have relatives who think we are a “bit off”. Growing up, we felt most comfortable barefoot in the woods…connecting with nature, the elements. We loved to dance and connect with the universe. The universe spoke to us openly as we embraced each day of it’s magic and beauty.

But as responsibilities grew, there was less time for self. Giving to others, taking care of the family, focusing on work, bills, and relationships. There was an inner shift. We took care of our children, our spouses, our parents, and wouldn’t change that for the world. There were nights so tired and sad, we’d scream out to the universe for help. And she listened. Though, maybe we didn’t know.

Sometimes though surrounded by others, we felt alone. We began to wonder if we had lost our magic.

As time passed, children grown and losing our own parents, a shift in the universe happened again. First there was loss. Then, there was a need to discover one’s self again. And deep down, the magic and the universe began to stir within us.

If you are reading this, this might be your story. Or similar. You may be a solitary witch, might not subscribe to the term “witch”, but are attracted to the dance. The dance brings community and empowerment to many with this story. And I’d love to share how a solitary witch found her tribe.

Witchy Weekend October 1-3, 2021

What started as a whirlwind ended with a longing. Each of us leaving Witchy Weekend realizing we had been changed in some way…wishing it hadn’t ended so soon.

We danced and walked so much that our legs felt like bricks. We laughed so much our souls felt like it had come home. We learned that magic comes from community and a common bond we felt, and together we were stronger. Each time a new member joined us in the dance there was a collective smile, a unity, and a joy that radiated out to the 10,000 people we were blessed with in audience.

There was traffic, there was lines, but there was a sisterhood of magic. And it was so amazing and fun! How exciting to share in King Richard’s Royal Parade and open the joust. We should have been exhausted, but each night found ourselves even more refreshed by the magic we had created and the positivity we had shared. What a magical weekend we had! Dancing by day at King Richard’s Faire, and making magic at night at Pinewood Lodge Campground.

Connecting with like minded women was the theme. And it wasn’t hard. Everyone attacted to these events felt that longing, and it naturally evolved into laughter, song, dance, and friendship.

Friday night began with a magical workshop adorning our brooms led by Mama Bee Chrissy Brady. So many beautiful witches joined in our celebration of sisterhood, then stayed on to share not only the Witch Dance but the lighted dance as well.

We ate, we laughed, and we adorned our brooms. Perfect strangers forming a tribe. Cathy Rowe led us on a beautiful journey with her moon ceremony. There are no pictures of such beauty, the moment was for those attending, and the memories will stay within the heart.

Mornings brought friendship, laughter, and breakfast in the woods. Our Saturday night Healing Drum Circle was led by Sam Holmstock from Entrain. The rhythm rejuvenated our souls and the night was filled with laughter, music, and community.

King Richard’s Faire was a welcoming community of amazing people. A fantastic platform for us to share the joy of the Witch Dance with the world.

When I began this journey, someone asked me what I do. ” I lead a group of empowered women (most whom I have never met) dressed as witches, dancing belly dance style to German techno music under the full moon – you can call me crazy, but hundreds of ladies ask to join every day…so crazy and fun is my tribe.”

Witchy Weekend confirmed this. I am blessed to have this adventure with such amazing women. Some there to dance. Some to find their magic. You think you fly solo, then you find your tribe…

For information on our next Witchy Weekend and dancing with us at King Richard’s Faire October 22-24, visit

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  1. What a wonderful experience this weekend, was. And to meet a wonderful group of sisters!
    Thank you so much for letting us join you all this weekend!

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