Kibitzing Around the Cauldron Episode 1 October 29,2020

Kibitzing around the Cauldron is a podcast of All things Witchy – Witchy FM.  This episode celebrates the launch of our multimedia site Witchy FM, live from Crisp Flatbread in Osterville, MA.   Join us as we discuss the importance of communicating and dialogue during these times; all things witchy; the stars; the Cape Cod Witch Dance 2020; werewolves, sex, and rogue bikers.   

Kibitzing around the cauldron are Witchy FM’s Lisa Z and Jenifer Cosgrove, Happy Medium Susan Ahearn, and Lemonadio’s Stephanie Viva.  

Kibitzing around the Cauldron is part of Witchy FM/Lisa Z Creative promoting positivity, creativity and community. Follow us on the socials WitchyFM

Kibitzin around the Cauldron Episode 1 10/29/2020
Kibitzing around the Cauldron Episode 1 part 2 10/29/2020
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