Sign up to perform the Witch Dance at King Richard’s Faire October 2022

Come dance with the Sand Witches of New England as they perform the world famous Witch Dance at King Richard’s Faire October 1-2 during “Witches and Wizard’s Weekend” and October 22-23 during the “Fantasy Finale”! We will be performing twice daily on the tournament field prior to the joust.

Use our group discount code for a witchy discount on your tickets for you and your tribe! (Discount code announced in July – we will email an update!) Tickets for King Richard’s Faire can be bought here.

Don’t forget to do the state dropdown, last year everyone was from Alabama accidentally!
We will provide you with online tutorials. We also have rehearsals you can attend in the Plymouth/Cape Cod area. Discount tickets for King Richard’s faire available for dancers and their family/friends using the group code witchy-KRF22 We look forward to dancing with you!
All dancers will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to dancing.
The Sand Witches of New England meet regularly to dance. We also have online and zoom tutorials. While you are not required to attend physical rehearsals, you will need to rehearse with us once through at King Richard’s Faire prior to that day’s performance. Information will be emailed to you.
We plan fun witchy events on the weekends we dance at King Richards Faire. Last year we camped one weekend and had a moon ceremony, broom making, a drum circle, and lots of laughter. The second weekend we stayed in a local hotel and went to a big Halloween Party, a full moon fire show on the beach, a witchy photo shoot, and a murder mystery. Lots of witchy fun dancing by day and witchin’ it up at night. More info to come!

Need accommodations? Check out our Witchy Weekends pages!

Videos and Tutorials:

A tutorial from the original beautiful witches to learn the dance:

The original Viral Video:

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